For members

NENO members receive information and practical assistance that will improve their sustainability and help them understand their organizational goals. Members also receive information about activities of other NENO members and donors so that one could benefit from the experience of others.

NENO offers the following services

  • Advocacy, protection of common interests
  • Informative mailing list
  • weekly newsletter
  • Information regarding local and international funding
  • Infozine
  • Free display of your organization’s info in 119 and 1181, two Estonian info hotlines.
  • Consultation (via phone or e-mail)
  • Your info in our member database available to the public
  • Discounted seminars and trainings
  • Free project consultation
  • Discount offers from various organizations

NENO members can:

  • be elected to the NENO supervisory board
  • engage in the process of legislative creation
  • participate in the shaping of NENO’s public policy
  • advertise their organization, programs and events in the NENO infozine, homepage and mailing list.

NENO does not fund their members directly. Nor do the members receive funding via NENO.

Member feedback:

“Being a NENO member gives the opportunity to participate in the processes of the formation of a civil society. NENO has centralized people and organizations with shared values who have taken up the responsibility to create a fitter society. Through NENO, one gains strength to realize its ideas and goals!”

Alar Tamm
Estonian Union for Child Welfare