Future leaders

Future leaders development programme

In spring 2020 the first edition of the future leaders development programme was launched. The aim of the programme is to bring new inspiring leaders to civil society who can better solve the wicked issues Estonian society is facing.   

The development programme aims to prepare future leaders who would take Estonian civil society organisations (CSO) to a new level. Throughout the programme participants’ knowledge, skills and attitude are analysed and developed by working on their motivation, willingness and courage to take on bigger responsibility in leading a CSO in their field of interest.  

The basis of the development programme is the competency framework of a CSO leader. The framework was developed with current leaders to create an understanding of an impactful, capable, sustainable and reliable leader as well as define and describe the most important competences needed for success.  

The framework and the development programme cover topics such as self-management, strategic management and management of people, political advocacy, communication, financial sustainability.

Every topic consists of three pillars – seminars and trainings, individual practices, mentoring and covision. 

The participants of the development programme would: 

  1. after finishing the programme be determined, motivated, self-leading leaders
  1. be leaders who are capable of inspiring a team with the organisations mission and vision
  1. be leaders who can harness the team’s potential for their own and the organisations benefit
  1. stand for the organisation’s goals and ideals with its partners
  1. be good and reliable leaders with a positive reputation
  1. manage a financially capable, sustainable organisation that reaches its goals

The programme lasts for a year, through which there are monthly two-day training sessions. One class of the programme consists of 15 participants. There will be two classes of the development programme, one in 2020-21 and another in 2021-22. Altogether, up to 30 participants will have the opportunity to be involved. The programme is free of charge for the participants.

The programme is managed by Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations. The programme is funded by the Active Citizen Fund.