Civic Initiative Introduces Garbage Map

laine uudised-laine
29. Mar 2012

The Let's Do It team is once again calling upon Estonians to take the initiative, this time in mapping out the location of garbage in our communities.

The project team has now developed an online garbage map, also a smartphone app, that can be updated by anyone. Users can upload photos and pinpoint locations around the world that need cleaning up.

With humble beginnings, the civic action took off on May 5, 2008, when tens of thousands of volunteers in Estonia spent a day cleaning up the countryside. Since then, numerous other countries in the world have adopted the EU-endorsed project under the same name to protect the environment, improve waste management and raise environmental awareness.

With May 5 approaching, organizers will get ready this year by first holding a garbage mapping initiative in April. They say the map will show what changes have occurred in Estonia since 2008, when the first garbage map was created for the occasion.

An ambitious global event called Let's Do It World 2012 where millions of people across the globe will join forces to clean up illegal dumps in a series of initiatives will last from March 24 to September 25.

“There's 100 million tons of illegal garbage lying around the world. Waste is everywhere – in cities, beaches, oceans, forests. To change this we have to come together and create a real global change,” the Let's Do It website writes.