Civil Society Fund Supports Volunteers, Waldorfs, Women

laine uudised-laine
2. Mar 2011


The National Foundation for Civil Society announced its grants for civil society umbrella organizations and network organizations on January 21st. 16 grant proposals out of 42 were funded to the total amount of €315,327. The average grant was €19,707.

Funded organizations ranged from disability support groups to environmental and educational groups. Notably, the program funded both the Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre for the project “Together towards a gender-balanced society” and the Estonian Womens Union for expanding its membership and increasing the role of women in public-sector decisionmaking.

In the field of health services, NFCS funded the Estonian Rheumatism Association for the development of a new visual identity, the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People for increasing media coverage of disabilities, emphasizing positive and constructive portrayals of disabled people in the media, and the Estonian Cancer Society for increasing public participation.

The NFCS is an independent organization established by the Estonian government in 2008, which contributes to enhancing the capacity of non-profit associations and foundations acting in the public interests of Estonia in the development of civil society and in formation of the environment favourable for civic initiative.