NENO has a new head

10. Dec 2023

On 1st of December, Triin Toomesaar, the new Head of NENO, took up her new post.

Our new head has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from TalTech and a Master’s degree in Political Science from Tallinn University. For a long time, she worked as the CEO of the Bullying-Free School Foundation (Kiusamisvaba Kool) and has been involved in the work of a number of other NGOs, in smaller or bigger roles, as well as in her role as a consultant to President Kersti Kaljulaid. She also has a few hobbies and interests, such as playing the chromatic flute and speaking Seto.

Thinking about her new job, Triin says: “On the one hand, the crises of the last few years have shown us that there are more and more active and caring citizens around us – people who want to, know how to or, if necessary, learn how to find solutions to societal problems. On the other hand, both the cluster crises and the deepening political divisions have severely tested the capacity and capabilities of NGOs. It seems to me that NENO could play a key role here, so that both those who are already experienced in the voluntary sector and those who have only recently discovered the possibility of donating, volunteering or organising themselves around a common goal can continue to do this work in an increasingly effective and efficient way. And perhaps NENO, with its members, its extended network and its team, can propose and test solutions that will slowly bring us out of the maelstrom of opinion and perception. Even in the case of very different interests, agreeing on some common ground in a mutually respectful way is, in my view, an essential skill for the preservation of Estonia’s democratic social order.”

Reelika Alunurm, the member of the NENO Council, comments: “Triin immediately struck us as a strong candidate – by the way, there were more than one strong candidate, and we had quite intensive discussions. NENO has itself drawn up a competency model of what a good NGO leader should be like, and we think Triin fits the bill well. She’s managed people, she knows how financial management works in the field and she knows the voluntary sector well. We in the Council wish the new leader a good wind in her sails and we are fully supportive of her.”

Welcome, Triin! We wish you strength, joy and success!