New Website to Put Government Progress Under Microscope

laine uudised-laine
12. Jan 2012

Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) launched a website on January 16 that aims to follow, point by point, how the government is doing in fulflling its action plan for the current four-year term.

The project, a joint effort between ERR, the Praxis policy think tank and the Open Estonia Foundation, will take a close look at the 536 pledges written into last year's coalition agreement between the IRL and Reform Party. These pledges constitute the government's program for the 2011 to 2015 period.

Experts from all walks of life will evaluate the execution of those promises by ministries and other government institutions, publishing their findings on the www.valvurid.ee website. Visitors to the online environment can also participate in the discussion.

According to Hille Hinsberg, head of the Praxis Center for Political Studies, the aim is not to confront the government but instead have a say in state affairs.

This project shows that Estonian society is outgrowing the lure of one-time election promises made by political parties and aims to become more involved in politics, said Mall Hellam, head of the Open Estonia Foundation.

"Secondly the initiative unites a range of NGOs under a common goal, which is an encouraging signal of increasing cooperation and the necessity to voice an opinion on political matters influencing our everyday lives," Hellam added.