Old Kroon Coins Buy New Vans for Food Bank

laine uudised-laine
2. Jun 2011


The 2010 coin drive, during which the Food Bank called for Estonians to donate their left-over kroons to charity during the switch to the Euro, raised over €50,000. The money has now been spent on four new vans, which will help the Food Bank deliver food to the needy in major regional centers in Estonia.

The Food Bank bought one large Peugeot Boxer and three smaller Citroen Nemos, the total cost of the cars was €45,000. The rest of the raised money will go towards buying new refridgerators, computers, shelves and garbage containers. 

The trucks will deliver food to Haapsalu, Viljandi, Rakvere and Tallinn. 

The Food Bank's latest food drive took place on June 1st, in celebration of the International Children's Day.