We invite you to participate in the Active Citizens’ Days 2022!

6. Jun 2022

We invite you to participate in an NGO capacity building program called Active Citizens Days 2022 (ACD 2022). This is an annual event organized by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the fund operators of the Active Citizens’ Fund in different countries – this year in Poland. Applying is easy!

The theme of Citizen Days 2022 is Advocacy for social inclusion: strategies and tools. This year, special attention will be paid to the integration of immigrants and people with a refugee background. The program is aimed at NGOs representatives from countries supported by the Active Citizens’ Fund (including Estonia and 14 other countries) and Norway, which work in the field of social cohesion and support for vulnerable groups.

The ACD 2022 program consists of a total of three webinars (one in June and two in September 2022) and a closing event in the Norwegian capital Oslo, from 10 to 12 October 2022. Participation in the program is free. All organizational costs, including travel and accommodation for the on-site event in Oslo are covered by the Active Citizens’ Fund (ACF) fund operators, ie the Estonian Open Estonia Fund.

What is the purpose of the program?
The aim of the Active Citizens Day 2022 is to provide NGOs from countries supported by the Active Citizens’ Fund (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) and Norway ( Donor country of the Active Citizens’ Fund) to meet and learn from each other. Associations can exchange experiences and discuss their professional challenges in building the capacity of local/grassroots human rights organizations.

The expected results of the program are:

  • broadening perspectives on the challenges of social cohesion and the supporting role of NGOs;
  • raising awareness of the different strategies used by organizations in their advocacy activities;
  • establishing contacts and cooperation between participating organizations, including possible future partnerships.

Main topic of ACD 2022
The main theme of this year’s program is the protection of social cohesion: strategies and tools. Particular attention is paid to the integration of immigrants and people with a refugee background.
Our present times are defined by disasters and quarrels – war, mass population movements, natural disasters, pandemics or social and economic divisions. NGOs should be prepared to provide effective support to the most vulnerable groups in society, not only for accessing to high-quality public services, but also for fair and more value-based policies.

What is planned?
Participation in the 2022 Active Citizens’ Days requires the participation of:

  1. Three online meetings (introductory meeting on 22 June and 2 online workshops on 12 September and 26 September 2022). Each meeting takes place during working hours (exact time in TBC, but between 9.00 and 17.00) and includes presentations and workshops and lasts about 3 hours (with breaks),
  2. Physical meeting in Oslo (10-12 October 2022)

In addition to attending the meetings, everyone will also receive individual homework assignments before the workshops.

Who can participate?
There are a total of 3 places for participants from each country, open to NGOs working in the field of human rights and social cohesion. Only one application per organization can be submitted under this call.

Priority will be given to applicants representing organizations that:

  • are less experienced or have only recently begun his or her advocacy activities;
  • are project promoters of the Active Citizens’ Fund program in their country;
  • are active in the areas of activity of the Active Citizens’ Fund (stronger democratic culture, wider support for human rights and equal treatment, empowerment of vulnerable groups).

What is expected of the participants?
As the working language of the program is English, good oral and written communication skills are required. In addition, active participation in all the web meetings and meetings listed above in Oslo is expected. A general desire to learn and share your experience in an international environment is also a prerequisite.

Who is the organizer? Is participation free? Who funds the program?
The main organizer of the program is the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in cooperation with the Polish fund operators of the Active Citizens’ Fund. Participation in the program is free. Travel costs to Oslo are covered by the Active Citizens’ Fund in each country, while all online training and on-site meetings are covered by the organizers.

How to apply?
To apply, send the following digitally signed documents to no later than June 6, 2022. at 12:00 Estonian time.

  • application form
  • a letter of motivation in English from the NGO representative (participant) (up to 1 page) with a justification for participating in the ACF days and how to use the knowledge, experience and contacts gained in the future
  • CV of the NGO representative (participant)

Additional information:
Katrin Enno
Program Manager of the Active Citizens’ Fund
502 5301