Working Group to Overhaul NGO Financing System

laine uudised-laine
10. Nov 2011

Public servants and NGO representatives have met to reach consensus on how civil society organizations should be funded.

"Currently the main problem is that ministries and local governments have separate funding practices, which often do not comply and lack transparency," said Minister of Regional Affairs Siim Kiisler after the working group's first meeting on November 9.

"Although the state support of grassroots organizations has increased over the years, the [distribution of finances] does not always consider the nation's priorities," he added.

Structured financing, however, would help the public sector and NGOs better understand each other's expectations, Kiisler said.

The main principles of the financing overhaul program were already approved by the Cabinet in 2009. The working group consists of representatives from ministries, public foundations, NGO umbrella organizations and local governments.