Youth to School Doubles its Class Size

laine uudised-laine
15. May 2011

This year 27 young professionals will undertake the two-year Youth to School program, more than double the number of new teacher recruited in the past two years. 

The 27-strong group of teachers is the fifth class recruited under the Youth to School program. The teachers were selected from an applicant pool of nearly 200 and hail from all major Estonian universities – although the majority come from Tartu University –  as well as from colleges in England and Finland. In previous years, the program has recruited graduates from colleges as far as Thailand and as prestigious as Princeton University. 

The recruits had to successfully pass 7 stages of the recruitment process: application, group work, sample lesson, personality test, feedback interview, subject material quiz and final interview.

In four years, the program has sent over 40 teachers to Estonian schools, many of whom have stayed in the teaching business after graduating from the program.