Magazine “Good Citizen”

NENO has issued a Civil Society magazine since 1994. The magazine is called “Good Citizen” (after 2008), which reflects the news, opinions and analyzes the broader development of civil society.

The magazine is supported by the resources of the Ministry of the Interior and National Civil Society Foundation (KÜSK). Thanks to the funds from KÜSK we are able to spread the word to the members of NENO, other associations, companies, state institutions, all local governments, the Parliament, general education schools and others free of charge.

In 2018, the circulation was around 4,000. To order the magazine send you contacts and quantity you would like to receive to

To buy a magazine ad, send your request to We could potentially sell you half a page (€ 100), full (€ 200) or double pages (€ 400) or the back cover (€ 400).

The magazine is in Estonian, has a summary in Russian. If you would like to start helping us put together a summary in English contact

Take a look at the magazine issues here: