Third sector future group

Have you discovered that there is not enough information for essential decision-making? Are you interested about the most important factors that might influence collecting donations, earning revenue or involvement of new people? Would you like to be better informed about potential risks while planning a budget? Would you like to learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities based on the experiences of other organisations?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above-mentioned questions, then third sector future group is meant for you, we invite you to join in!

The objective of the third sector future group project is to predict how social and economic change will influence civil society organizations (CSOs) the next few years and how CSOs can succeed to embrace the change, based on the existing studies, statistics and expert views. We plan to complete four reports, concerning the most current issues for CSOs with concrete recommendations for CSOs to plan their actions and advise the implementation of these recommendations. Future group will also improve the CSOs ability to include passive and marginalized target groups in their activities.

This idea was first and foremost inspired by the Third Sector Foresight project which was executed by National Council of Voluntary Organizations in Britain and helped in particular the small and medium-sized CSOs to take into account the changes in their external environment.

In cooperation with CSOs and the Council of NENO, we have chosen four thematic areas (diversity of funding, involvement of socially vulnerable target groups, cooperation forms of the CSOs and the impact of information society on the activities of the CSOs). With regard to these areas, we hope to find out together more specific factors having the biggest impact on the CSOs.

For example, regarding the funding of CSOs, we will help you to decide what should be taken into account when you are preparing a funding plan for your organisation for the nearest future, in order to avoid dangers and make the most of the situation. We will focus on the factors to be borne in mind while collecting donations or earning revenue, rather than the best ways of doing so.

We compile all the reports together with CSOs in thematic discussions and publish the reports in this webpage and other public information channels.

We will also select four CSOs to whom we plan to give more thorough advice about putting into practice the recommendations given in the reports.

The Project Partner isPraxis Centre of Policy Studies, represented by Hille Hinsberg and Jane Matt.

The future group is funded by NGO Fund (Norway and EEA Grants in Estonia) through the Open Estonia Foundation. The project started in March 2013 and lasts until the end of August 2014. In September 2014 future group mentorship program started as a continuation to the future group, using the information, feedback and experiences gained. The future group mentorship program ended in May 2015.