Европейский конкурс социальной инновации

laine uudised-laine
6 Июл 2012


Институт Европейского инвестиционного банка объявил первый конкурс социальной инновации. Конкурс ищет идеи, имеющие широкое социальное влияние, которые можно было бы приводить в пример и применять в дальнейшем. 
Хорошие идеи следует отправить к 12 сентября, финалисты будут определены в октябре и победители в ноябре. Предусмотрены призы. Подробнее читайте на языке оригинала.
The EIB Institute announces its first Social Innovation Tournament. The Tournament seeks to promote the generation of innovative ideas and identify/reward opportunities promising substantial societal benefits or demonstrating best practices with tangible, scalable outcomes. It targets the creation of social value in relation to the fight against social exclusion. Entries may therefore fall in a wide range of fields, fromeducation and health care to natural or urban environment, from new technologies to new systems and new processes. Improvements in these fields are critical to business success, and social innovation could have a substantial social impact.
To deliver its objectives, the Tournament invites the submission of innovative proposals, along two main lines:
§  Line A: Innovative ideas which could be implemented within a reasonable time horizon and have substantial benefits for Society or
§  Line B: Identify implemented innovative solutions with tangible outcomes in terms of social impact which could serve as best practices and replicable models.  
The Tournament will run in two rounds: A screening committee of EIB Group experts in innovation and other relevant disciplines will select up to 15 finalists to proceed into the 2nd round. The finalists will be announced by October 12th at the latest and will be invited to present their proposals to a final Event, to be held in Luxembourg on November 29th.  A Selection Panel, composed of specialists from the academic and business world, will identify and nominate four (4) winners – a 1st prize of EUR 15,000 and a 2nd prize of EUR 5,000 for each of the main lines of proposals. A 5th winner for a prize of EUR 10,000 will be voted by the Audience at the Event among all 2nd round participants.