Молодежь собирается в Хельсинки разрабатывать модель ЕС. Рег. до 28.04.

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24 Апр 2013


Круглый стол по развитию сотрудничества (Arengukoostöö Ümarlaud)  сообщают, что финские коллеги из сети по развитию сотрудничества Kehys приглашают молодежь в возрасте 18-30 принять участие в Helsinki Model European Union, тема которого – присоединение Турции к Европейскому союзу.

What? — Helsinki Model European Union (HMEU)
When? — 29th and 30th of May, 2013
Where? — Eurooppasali, Malminkatu 16, Helsinki
How to apply? — Go to www.hmeu.org


Are you interested in EU policy making? Do you want to experience how the European Council makes its decisions? Then HMEU is just for you! 

HMEU 2013 is a two-day program during which participants are expected to simulate the actual decision making process of the European Council. During the two-day simulation, participants’ diplomatic skills will be put to the test as they take on the role of one of the 27 member states to debate an issue of significance to the future of Europe. You will have the opportunity to not only practise your diplomatic skills, but also to find out how the EU’s politics and decision-making processes really work! 

This year’s topic is EU enlargement and more specifically the ongoing accession negotiations with Turkey.

The accession negotiation between the European Union and Turkey is the most complicated in the EU’s enlargement history. In the simulation the European Council will gather to discuss the possible reopening of EU membership negotiations with Turkey following the country's announcement that it will normalise its relationship with Cyprus. The distinguished delegates will decide whether Turkey's EU membership can proceed or if there remain major issues blocking this development, such as human rights, Turkey's external policies, and/or the free movement of people.

Application period has now begun, so go to our webpage (www.hmeu.org) for more information and to fill in the application form. HMEU 2013 welcomes all applicants between 18 and 30 years of age to apply for the most exciting and unforgettable event of the year. The application period closes on 28th of April.

Also check out our Facebook page for more information (www.facebook.com/HelsinkiModelEuropeanUnion) and to connect with other people interested in EU’s decision-making and diplomacy!

Delve into the heart of EU decision-making and put your skills as a diplomat to the test!
Apply NOW!