Отчет Civicus даёт обзор жизни гражданского общества на нашей планете за 20 лет

laine uudised-laine
7 Ноя 2013
CIVICUS сообщает, что вышел годовой  отчет 2012-2013 гг., который подводит итоги с ибля по июнь и по случаю 20-летия расставляет важнейшие точки отчета и достижения не только за последний год, но за 20 лет. 
Итоги ниже приведены на английском языке (отчёт подготовлен также на английском языке). 
A few of the highlights from the past year include:
Publication of the second annual CIVICUS State of Civil Society Report
Convening of 641 participants from 100 countries in defining a new social contract at the CIVICUS World Assembly in Montreal, Canada
Support to 15 civil society partners under threat through the CIVICUS Crisis Response Fund
Endorsement of CIVICUS’ 2013-2017 strategic priorities by the membership and board after a participatory planning process
Ongoing advocacy for the protection of human rights and freedoms of expression and association through submissions to the universal periodic review process and research and analysis on threats to civil society around the world.
In this annual report you will see many examples of how we seek to strengthen citizen action and civil society and you will also see some hints of what is to come next for CIVICUS. We will continue to build on the solid foundations set during the last 20 years but will also start to experiment a little.
Finally, you may have noticed our slightly different logo: keeping all the elements from the past but refreshed and energised for the future. Our annual report too sports a slightly bolder and more dynamic look. We hope you enjoy it.
Thank you for your wonderful support, solidarity and commitment to strengthening citizen action and civil society. Here’s to another 20 years together!
Warm greetings,
Danny Sriskandarajah
Secretary-General, CIVICUS