Поделитесь с поляками своим опытом подачи петиций

laine uudised-laine
14 Окт 2013
Польский институт ищет активистов для проведения исследования, имеющих опыт подачи петиций. Если вы составляли петицию в какую-нибудь международною инстанцию или желали выяснить мнение общественности на международном уровне, поделитесь, пожалуйста, своим опытом. Просят также заполнить опросник. 
Обращение поляков и контакты ниже. В самом конце текста приложен опросник. 
Dear Sir or Madam,
I'm writing as a representative of the Institute of Public Affairs in Poland in order to ask for distributing our invitation to research on petitioning. Currently the Institute  works on a project on the role of petitions in local conflict: we compare formal and informal mechanism of petitioning trying to estimate their outreach and results. At this stage we are preparing ten case studies based on interviews as well as press and documentation analysis. The research will result in an international policy paper evaluating strenghts and weaknesses of the petitioning procedure. Therefore:
1. We are looking for organizations and committees which used the petition on the international level  in order to solve the local or regional problem:
— either addressing it to international authorities, such as European Parliament
— or engaging international opinion — for instance avaaz.org online petitioning.
We would be grateful if they could share their experience and help us with two issues:
— interviewing (possibly through Skype) the activists engaged in the campaign on the conflict and petitioning process (you can find the sample questions in the attachment)
— sharing additional documents and materials concerning the problem.
2.We invite all CSOs to submit the online survey concerning the problem of petitions (to be found here):
Best regards,
Barbara Audycka
Institute of Public Affairs / Analyst