Проект «Мой великий день» ищет волонтеров и спонсоров

laine uudised-laine
1 Май 2011

Две энергичные девушки из Швеции запускают проект, направленный на исполннеие желаний критически больных детей.

We are starting a foundation called "Minu Suur Päev" (working title) who will grant wishes and dreams to critically ill children in Estonian hospitals. The organisation also aims to work as a platform for parents and siblings of ill children where they can exchange experiences and get support.

We are inspired by and working close with the similar Swedish foundation, Min Stora Dag  (http://www.minstoradag.org/The_Foundation_MIN_STORA_DAG/) that has been running successfully in Sweden for about 10 years.

We would be really grateful for all your ideas and input within the specified fields and please contact us if you have any questions "

Juridical consulting:

Short-term/ start-up : Basic introduction to Estonian law & Foundations – what are the key-aspects? Some advice in the preparation-process for registering our foundation

Long-term : We are really interested in a long-term cooperation within juridical consulting – to overview sponsor-contracts and other important documents

Basic book-keeping

Development of a homepage

(this post we have also included in the budget in case we can’t find anyone who will do it pro-bono).


It would be interesting and inspiring to have somebody outside the organization to discuss strategy with to broaden our views and get new ideas!

(Marketing & PR)

At the moment not needed. Thanks to Birgit’s network we now have a good contact within marketing & PR that we hopefully could establish a long-term cooperation with : )


Email: helena.e.almqvist@gmail.com

Cell phone: 566 52664