Учитель английского языка из Измира жаждет совместных действий со странами ЕС!

laine uudised-laine
11 Ноя 2013
(Подробности во вложенном файле)
Dear Friends,
I am an English teacher at primary school in İzmir.
İzmir is near Epheus and historical places.
My school has lots of immigrant students. If you want to join me please write to me!
lf you are interested in immigrant students orientation and their social, physical problems, this project is for you.  Please have a look at this. We will be very glad to be with you. We are looking for partners from EU Countries. 
Project Name: Orientation of Immigrant Student
The aim of Project is to use activities and games in order to affect positive chance in the community.  In this Project, we will share stories, art, audio, and short films on uor award-winning multimedia journal and digital library.
My school is in İzmir where there are lots of immigrant students from Europe and some part of Turkey. They stay away from their and another cultures who has got under obligation because of that situation. In this context, we will work out for the discovery of the hereos of the country’s culture, we will work to promote and spread. On one hand, the people, who will be observed and communicated with us, will have a chance to Express themselves to the people, on the other hand participant feel not only what they feel but also learn their origins and cultural characteristics. The situation will help to see the real Picture of the cultural degregation. It will take 8 days. We will help to our guests for introduce the culture of  the countr’s heroes as our workshop. Our guests will create paintings,sculptures, toys and games. Ln our Project, Turkey, Romenia and Italy are the participants. We want to share this Project more countries.
Financial Rules:
Participants fee for participants- FREE
Accommodation costs- -100% of the accomadation fee and food will be covered.
Travel Costs- 70% of travel costs to the place of venue (economy class) will be reimbursed
Visa costs- the visa fees for all participants who need it. 
Programme- all metarials, lecturers and supervisors expenses will be covered
Please contact ; uluguner@gmail.com